Tinkr Learning offers a wide array of exciting Leadership Training and Development programs and activities to suit all your corporate training needs!

Anybody Can Paint

Anybody Can Paint is a joyful experiential learning experience for individuals, teams and corporates. Everyone paints and personalizes their own masterpiece in a guided experience. Everyone creates their own masterpiece without having any past painting experience. Discover the hidden artist in you and unlock creativity. A perfect experience for a fun filled and creative learning experience for the corporates.

Why paint alone, when we can paint together? Explore Paintastic, the ultimate social painting experience for corporates. Paintastic is a powerful intervention for bringing in everyone together to contribute to the BIG vision of the organization. An activity which can involve anywhere from 15 people to 2000+ people of an organization to create a masterpiece with no prior painting experience. Come discover the artist in YOU!

Learning is the aim, give-back is the game, Creativate is the name A magical group experiential learning & teaming activity where teams work in complete harmony and coordination to create a real time assembly line to assemble real life products. Create real-time, meaningful products in the ultimate business simulation with Creativate. The teams creatively customize the product as per customer’s profile to create customer delight The experience is designed to simulate real-life situations of facing project roadblocks, resources constraints and bottlenecks. The only way to problem solve and move ahead is by leveraging the power of ONE by collaborating across boundaries

LogiQuest is a unique business simulation experience which is based on real life business situations. It is a fast paced thrilling experience which involves ambiguous customer requirements challenging timelines, resource constraints, change management, etc. Corporate teams have to leverage their logical, problem solving and creative capabilities to build unique technical marvels. A dash of creativity, a pinch of logic and dollops of teamwork make LogiQuest.

Why confine learning to 4 walls, when Nature’s got it all? Nurture a plant, build a career and grow together, with Plantivate! A unique naturalistic corporate experience to unlock your team’s creativity. Everyone paints, plants and personalizes their very own table top garden with the help of our professional facilitators. Individuals unleash their hidden creative selves by conceptualizing and executing on their first table top garden concept.

One team, One rhythm! Museka is an inspirational synthesizer story and brings teams together to create magical symphonies. Participants are involved in a deep therapeutic experience of designing their own instruments, and then leveraging the same to create a unique team beat.

Write. Direct. Perform. Leverage these unique theatre tools to transform. Engage in fun filled theatre activities to nurture creativity at the workplace with Theatrix! The participants form teams and make theater a team sport where collectively they experience all facets of improv theater.
A highly fun filled and insightful group theater challenge ensues leaving participants energized and happy with key  corporate takeaways