Paintastic – Together Everyone Paints More

  • In this fun team building activity, everyone in the group/org contributes to a large master painting – The BIG picture.
  • Individuals are grouped into teams and each team is handed over some smaller images that need to replicated with utmost precision within the prescribed time.
  • The images are abstract and employees are unaware of the impact the smaller images have towards the larger masterpiece.
  • All the smaller images are assembled and the big reveal takes place in front of all the participating employees. It leaves the everyone with high energy and the masterpiece is a great takeaway for the organization. The mural serves as a constant reminder of each employees role in the larger picture and vision of the organization.
  • The resultant big picture is a powerful visual of how every individual’s contributions help in the larger organization’s output.
  • Interesting twists and challenges bring the best out of teams; diversity, collaboration, leadership and communication.
Why paint alone, when we can paint together?
Explore Paintastic, the ultimate social painting experience for corporates
  • Experience painting as a large scale teaming intervention.
  • When teams splash colors together, masterpieces are made..
  • Expanding horizons keeping the big picture in mind.
  • Paintastic a real-time corporate business simulation experience to create masterpieces together.
  • Funtastic + Learntastic = Paintastic.
  • Paintastic- A funtastic combo of paints and teams.
  • Harmonizing the creativity of your teams to create an EPIC masterpiece.
  • Say NO to passive learning. Embrace fun filled creative team building activities with Paintastic.
  • A hundred brush strokes working together are bound to create a masterpiece


A very unique and creative activity to help us discover the hidden talent in us and bond effectively with the others in our team. TINKR Learning created the intervention for us in the form of a business simulation. Employees were given varying and ambiguous customer requirements. They had to meet time crunches and were faced with resource constraints just as they experience on a day to day basis. Our team of 125 sales superstars had a fantastic time working together and successfully adding their individual contributions to the final result. When the final MASTERPIECE was revealed, everyone was wowed at the sight of each person’s little contribution coming together to depict the large mural. This linked back very well to the learning we wanted to inculcate within the team. People were fascinated how each person’s littlest contribution can create such a huge overall impact on the organization. The activity was seamless and professionally organized. Very good lessons to learn for the experience.

Director of Sales, Leading Pharma MNC

We had a partner meeting offsite last year. The objective was to bring both the teams together so they are aligned to achieve common goals. We approached Tinkr Learning and they suggested a painting based intervention- Paintastic. We never did this kind of an activity before. It was awesome and the entire team enjoyed it thoroughly. It brought the whole team to the same level and they learnt how their small contribution and teamwork can deliver extraordinary results. It was professionally organized. We still cherish those moments and look forward to working with them again

Senior Leader, Leading Medical Tech Company