Learning ‘Reimagined’

An experiential journey of fun-filled self discovery!

Tinkr Learning, a unique fun filled experiential learning company; because we truly believe that learning needn’t be serious, it can be fun filled with a generous dollop of creativity added to it!

Explore | Engage | Energize

Unleash Creativity

Teams work together to solve real time customer challenges leveraging creativity and innovation. And all this while having loads of fun!!

Paint Together

Be it an individual or team sport, when members get creative together, the outcome is fun, insightful and that of self-discovery!

Create Impact

Learn teamwork through ‘real’ teamwork. Teams that care!
Unique team challenges to learn, enjoy and deliver impact in ‘real’ world!

Invigorate Tech Genius

Think tech, think design, think team, think customer!
A unique way to imbibe design thinking in teams to solve customer challenges through technical marvels.

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